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Praise Reports

“My first experience with Royal Diadem Int’l Network was at the Leadership Conference in Abeokuta, Nigeria in January 2015. It blew my mind and spurred me to revise my leadership style. The difference in my leadership style has been very obvious ever since as I rise in the ladder of leadership in various organizations.” – Femi, Ibadan, Nigeria


“RD approaches the issues of life in a much more engrossing and different nature through inspiring books and conferences. I have been a part of several projects in RD and I look forward to more.” – Cyrille, Accra- Ghana


“I have been a part of Royal Diadem Int’l Network since inception. It’s amazing to see the continuous passion within the organisation and the impact we’ve been able to make since the inauguration on 17th January 2009. I’m excited about what lies ahead” – Toyin, Lagos, Nigeria


“I heard about the organisation’s programmes during a conference in Japan. I respect the leaders and what they’ve been able to achieve” – Tomoki, Osaka, Japan


“I expressed interest in becoming a partner of Royal Diadem Int’l Network immediately after visiting the organisation’s website. I am inspired by the organisation and I love what they do” – Lucy, Lagos, Nigeria